Almost everyone already has a relationship with these tiny morsels of goodness. “I remember there was always a bag of peas in the freezer when I was a kid, but you can’t beat the sweetness of flavour that comes from a pea picked fresh from the garden,” Curtis. And this is what we affirmed through our April tasting menu.

Curtis Stone Maude Peas

There is such a great variety of peas grown in California that are exciting to work with including English, snap,snow and yellow split peas. They all carry their own unique flavours and textures and they’re made even more special by the fact that you can eat their tendrils, leaves and flowers, too.

Curtis Stone Maude Peas

We source our peas in the pod from local growers located nearby to San Diego, Southern California and each pea, whether mashed, pureed, blanched, raw or otherwise, is picked fresh and shelled by the chefs. Pea pesto, pea tartare and pea oils paired with incredible produce and protein, such a spring lamb, ocean trout and burrata, are just a few examples of how we let this little vegetable influence this month’s tasting menu.

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